Hacienda La Mision - Jeff Israel- The Ibogaine Gangster

Mexico Beach, Florida 3 comments

I was just notified that there was a place for us to post our frustrations about how we wer treated at Jeff's phony ibogaine center (more like a flop house).I went to jeff over 1 year ago and was very hopeful i could overcome my heroin addiction.

The guy we spoke to on the phone before we arrived told us this was a beautiful place and there were doctors and that I would be medicated before treatment so I didnt have to be in withdrawal. Well- when I arrived jeff picked me up at the airport and made me give him additional money- beyond the $7500 so I could get my medication- I was outraged- I waited in the car in a very scary part of Tijuana while jeff when to illegally buy drugs on the street- I waited for almost 2 hours. When jeff finally returned he did not have enough meds for me and I was sick. The part that really pissed me off was that he while there was not enough meds for me- Jeff was obviously very high on the same drugs.

When I went into his office to speak with him he would usually be passed out at his desk. There were absolutely no doctors and no real medical staff of any kind. I am posting this review because I hope others out there will not fall into the same trap i did.

Also- I saw some other reviews written by other victims of Jeff and just to be clear- some of us have careers and families to protect- so revealing our identities on this site would be very unwise- it DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE FALSE.Anybody who has reviews like this posted about them is doing something very wrong- normal businesses dont get this kind of attacks.



I also had a horrific experience with Jeff Israel,,,,He charged more than the initial agreed upon rate.After he received the money,,,he became indifferent, verbally abusive,,,and complete with sociopathic tendencies.

He is shady,,,clever, and operates illegally dosing people underground.Seems to me, that the FBI should get involved.


Gangster...hahah he is the biggest *** I know. Not a vertebra in the slob!


:sigh My son went to Jeff Israel's ibogaine clinic in mexico not too long ago and I want to warn other parents DO NOT send your kids there.

Jeff Israel is an active opiate drug user offering treatments out of his rented house in mexico. He is not medically inclined to help anyone. My son arrived at the airport and was left for 6 hours standing for Jeff to pick him up at curbside at the aiport. After 6+ hours of waiting and almost in full withdrawal Jeff had the courtesy to call my son and tell him he cant make it?! So my son was forced to get a hotel room and spend the night there, it would not be so bad if it was planned and my son was not in full withdrawal all night.

In the morning Jeff arrived high on heroin!!! he picked up my son and sped doing over 120 miles per hour almost crashing into every car! he even nodded out a few times, a common symptom of (high on heroin )! :eek


My son was treated like a criminal and was not treated with care. my son was in pain the whole time. Jeff went out and bought mexican fast food from some road side taco stand. He has no staff, he has no doctors, Jeff has no morals. Don't send your kids to his place, you have been warned. This Jeff character and his treatment is a nightmare . :(

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